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Upcoming Clutches


Male: Platinum Anery Tiger 

Female: Amel 

Lock Date: 

Lay Date: 2-28-2019 

Projected Hatch Date: 5-24-2019 

Egg Count: 21 


Male: Platinum Anery Tiger 75% Jampea Dwarf 

Female: Tiger double poss het Anery/Albino 

Lock Date: 

Lay Date: 4-10-2019 

Projected Hatch Date: 7-4-2019 

Egg Count: 34 


Male: Lavender Lemonglow 

Female: Lemonglow 

Lock Date: 

Lay Date: 4-20-2019 

Projected Hatch Date: 7-14-2019 

Egg Count: 1 


Male: William the Bateater 

Female: Platinum het Albino 

Lock Date: 

Lay Date: 5-3-2019 

Projected Hatch Date: 7-27-2019 

Egg Count: 10